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Concours d’entrée 2022 // Épreuve d’Anglais

Concours d’entrée 2022,
Épreuve d’Anglais,
(durée 1H tiers temps 1H20).

Watch the following video and answer the questions. You will highlight the right answer (only one answer is correct).

1) Who coined the term Hauntology :
A. Mark Fisher
B. Jacques Derrida
C. Jack Vance
D. Marcel Fisher

2) The first movie discussed in the video is called :
A. Fallout
B. Forbidden Planet
C. 1956
D. New Conceptions

3) When was Fallout issued :
A. In the USA
B. In 1956
C. In the Future
D. in 1997

4.) According to Mark Fisher what is it that led us into a cultural impasse ?
B. Cold War politics
C. Neo-Liberalism
D. Contemporary art

5) How does technology relates to culture nowadays (still in the words of Fisher) ?
A. Technology is subordinate to the repetition of old cultural forms
B. Technology is creating new cultural forms from past ones
C. Technology is the future cultural form
D. Cultural forms are getting rid of technology because it prevents new developments

6) Which of these sentences is grammatically correct
A. The world was creating by an alien entity later called God
B. Hauntology have been theorized by Mark Fisher
C. Sally had live in Egypt
D. They have been living in the past for a decade

7) According to the video, what can we say about the future ?
A. Robots are everywhere and they want us to be slaves
B. We are no longer able to create one
C. Massive destruction
D. We can’t say

8) Hauntology means that :
A. We return to the past because it is better
B. We return to the past to see how the future was imagined
C. Future and past do not exists
D. We are robots evolving in digital world

9) Music that samples, slows down, modifies, reverberates old 80s tunes :
A. Hypotonic-pop
B. Hypnagogic pop
C. Vaporwave
D. Hyperwave pop

10) What is the risk for culture as Mark Fisher explains that it is « slowing down » :
A. Looping indefinitely
B. Creating aberrant forms
C. Forgetting the past
D. Becoming artistically repellent

11) What is described as culturally appealing :
A. new exciting forms
B. Pre-established, safe forms
C. Ancient-Egyptian
D. Futuristic approaches

12) For Fisher, our world is
A. Stuck in time
B. Regenerating
C. Timeless
D. In time

13) When was the online multiplayer game Worlds popular :
A. 1980’s C. 2010’s
B. 2000’s D. 1990’s

14) What does the H represent in the word Hauntology ?
A. The beginning of a new philosophy
B. A hyper-hyphenate compound
C. A letter that is real but silent, hence hauntological itself
D. Absolutely nothing – the word is written this way.

15) Grammar :
A. Hauntology is haunting through futures mirroring our own past
B. Hauntology haunt the sphere of the past
C. Hauntology do not explains everything
D. Hauntology have been exploring the past since 2000

16) What is Derrida’s idea of Hauntology ?
A. An approach to biology
B. What is absent yet real
C. A meaningless word combination
D. The transmigration of ghosts through philosophy

17) In the end of the video what is described as the major problem ?
A. Worlds was a very good game, it is a shame it was abandoned
B. We are abandoning the past to live in futuristic worlds
C. A past that cannot decay would not let new structures emerge
D. The past is not safe

18) Film industry and art in general are not concerned by the idea of hauntology ?
A. True
B. False

19) Only one sentence is correct :
A. Artists should be able to challenge this
B. Artists can be challenged for change this
C. Artists is competent to change this
D. The artist have the opportunity to change this

20) This test was difficult :
A. I owl you an apology
B. I own you an apology
C. I ought you an apology
D. I owe you an apology

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