Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon
Résidence // Rilène Markopoulou


Rilène uses a broad range of media to express her ideas since she wants to use various forms of contemporary artistic expression as tools which enable her to explore a different impact on the viewer. She is less interested in the reason of why things happen than in how people receive, experience, adapt or react to them. Her aim is to put the viewer in a psychological interrogation and to produce questions that arrive in positioning him in uncanny situations. She also often uses humor as a vehicle to transmit subjects that would be difficult to address otherwise, in trying to diminish the barrier between artwork and viewer. She prefers the use of ephemeral and non- invasive material and actions to counteract the importance of the artwork itself.
After studying at the Philosophical Faculty of the Greek University and extensive traveling, she has graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2012. In completion of her Residency in Besançon, France she presented her solo exhibition “reconnaissance” at the end of 2012 and she has shown her work in group exhibitions and international festivals taking place in France, Germany, Austria, Greece and the UK.

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