Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon
Résidence // Rania Kliari


Beton7 is a Center for the Arts based in Athens-Votanikos. It was founded in November 2009. Beton7 aims to promote cross-cultural communication in every area of contemporary art (including visual arts, theatre, music and cinema) within an emerging art neighbourhood of Athens. Beton7 main contribution is the promotion of young artists by establishing the necessary conditions for them to create and present new work.

Beton7 mission is to enhance international collaborations with cultural organisations and institutions. Beton7 supports creative teams and runs educational programmes for young artists and organises educational seminars.

Beton7 presents drama, dance and stage performances supporting mainly the development of new forms of contemporary theatre ; It aims to engage theatre with audiences and artists from a diverse range of backgrounds developing a cultural debate.

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