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Événement // Month of performance Berlin // Netting the Work
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ZKU, Berlin.

"Netting the Work" Project in the context of the MPA-B//////May 6/////19:00-23:00///ZK/U///Berlin
Deptocratic Identities, Performative Networkings

/////NETTING THE WORK, an idea initiated and curated by Eva Giannakopoulou and Rilène Markopoulou, is a project that merges performative interventions, political insecurities, psychological frameworks and a process-oriented timeline.
It is an experimental journey, a constitutive organism made of gestures related to locational, national and international artistic identities through the prism of illusions, disillusions and a priori convictions or uncertainties.
An embedded experience based on the examination of notions such as “Networking” in the context of political and financial practices, whilst examining the Artistic Identity as a cipher for the evolution of one’s “Self” connected to a globalised nowhere.
During the project artists from the North and South of Deptocratic Europe are going to perform, attempting to relate their physical displacement, the subjective view of specific surroundings and their impact.
The variation in artistic expression induced by changing spaces and travelling using performative modes, will allow them to attempt a translation and transformation of the complex reality of multiculturalism through Displacement and Networking.

Main Supporters : OFAJ and ISBA
Kind Support : f/16 Schule für Fotografie and MOLOTOW markers

This project comments on the meaning and complex use of networking and politics in performance art, examining this function as a timely “wondering” of “how to” in the context of a representatio
n in three different platforms/cultures/cities. Under these parameters, the project is attempting to create a possible link between MPA-B, Berlin (DE), the ISBA Excentricités Performance Festival, Besançon (FR) and Beton7, Athens (GR) ; a connection between three events examining the creation of a Network on and about Performance. The platforms share a common ground on experimental and international performative approaches, which in itself generates interest in the exploration of this coexistence throughout the multiple event.

Cecilia Ahlqvist
Art Action Building ISBA (Pierre Balandier, Samuel Kawakita, Rodolphe Melloul)
Yolanda Benalba
Dísa Björnsdóttir
Aggeliki Bozou
Julien Cadoret
Aristoteles Chaitidis
Eva Giannakopoulou
Ioanna Gouzeli
Steinunn Gunnlaugsdóttir
Tatiana Ilichenko
Alexandros Kaklamanos
Antonin Lagarde
lolo hjtyu tuyuyu
Rilène Markopoulou
Stella Maxeiner
Moritz Metzner
Almudena Millán
Beatriz Millón
Joana Mollà
George Moraitis
Persefoni Myrtsou
Danae Nagel
Ilya Noe
Yiannis Pappas
Eleni Papaioannou
Panos Sklavenitis
Aleks Slota

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